Official Cardiolates® 1/2 Fold Trampoline! Our Price: € 147.00 + IVA


The folding Cardiolates® Trampoline with CE certification was tested and approved by Katherine and Kimberly Corp for the Cardiolates® technique. The circumference is 110 cm with a mat in Permatron (Made in USA), 8 legs of 23,5 cm high, 8 springs for easy insertment and 36 steel springs for a perfect bounce to the rhythm of CARDIOLATES®. The “jump mat” is 78cm in diameter and allows a wider range of exercises of all types. The Black Frame skirt completely covers the springs for added protection. The Official CARDIOLATES® Trampoline is foldable and comes with a convenient bag, which allows for easy transportation.
The product has unique features that are combined with an attractive price, making it ideal for both domestic and professional use.

bellicon® mini-trampoline

Link: bellicon® mini-trampoline

The bellicon® mini trampoline is made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and has a flawless design. Our frame styles begin with high-grade, high-gauge steel (and a level of precision welding that only engineers, professional mechanics and techno-geeks can truly appreciate.) This gives the bellicon® an extremely strong, rigid, durable yet relatively lightweight frame that easily and securely accommodates users weighing up to 440 lbs.

The bellicon® mini trampoline is available with screw on legs or folding legs and in three frame diameters (39’’, 44’’ and 49’’).

Instead of the metal springs found on conventional mini trampolines, the bellicon® boasts a sophisticated suspension system – our patented bungee cords. They are available in 6 attractive colours and make for an incomparably buoyant and blissful bounce you have to feel to believe.

Our polypropylene mats have been specially designed for comfort and durability and to enhance the elasticity of our bungees (both of which use non-allergenic materials). You couldn’t ask for a gentler, more dynamic bounce cycle. While cushioning any impact on your back and joints, this incredibly springy bounce offers a wealth of benefits for mind, body and soul.

DVD dvd cardiolates Our Price: € 20.00 + IVA

dvdOur CARDIOLATES® DVD offers a total body workout in a fun, well-paced format.

THE CARDIOLATES® WORKOUT DVD: Free 18 page instruction manual included! Enjoy jumping to tunes from around the globe in our first CARDIOLATES® DVD! Structured in a group class format, we begin with a 15 minute Pilates warm up, then proceed to 35 minutes of CARDIOLATES® rebounding and a special “challenge” section. We finish with a cool down and CARDIOLATES® stretches to balance the muscles and stretch the muscle groups used while rebounding! The menu is set up so that you can start your workout exactly where you please, and choose to do the entire workout or simply the sections of your choice. The CARDIOLATES® rebounding section was choreographed to keep your interest for years, so don’t worry if you can’t get all the steps at first. Just keep rebounding, having fun and enjoying your workout !

CARDIOLATES® Weights 1 lb x 2 Our Price: € 20.00 + IVA

weightsSPRI Products manufactures amazing 1 lb weights which intergrates perfectly into a CARDIOLATES routine. These sand filled , soft, small cylinders are easy to hold and can be tossed aside when no longer needed. Before ordering remember that while jumping 1 lb can feel like 3-4 lbs. We recommend 1 lb weights for all to start, and then progressing from there.