Reshape, Reallign, Revitalize, Rebound!

CARDIOLATES® originated from a desire to find a cardio regime that upheld (and even reinforced) alignment principles. Pilates exercises are not intended to be conducted at an aerobic pace: Pilates is a thoughtful mind-body system of exercise that requires attention to detail, form and alignment. Even when a seasoned Pilates instructor moves through a reformer workout without pause, the heart rate barely taps into a low-impact range. Pilates tones muscles very effectively, but a cardiovascular regime is necessary to burn unwanted fat.

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Because unstable surfaces cause involuntary muscles such as the transversis abdominus and the multifidus to contract, rebounding seemed the perfect aerobic complement to a Pilates program. Since CARDIOLATES® integrates rebounding with alignment principles, one can burn fat while improving alignment and posture. Thus, CARDIOLATES® is an efficient and effective solution.